Invited talks in plenary and semi-plenary sessions will be given by:

Themis Palpanas Université Paris-Descartes Do It Yourself: Exploratory Analysis of Very Large Scientific Data
Adam Sagan University of Economy Cracow, Latent Variables and Marketing Theory – the Paradigm Shift
Rebecca Nugent Carnegie-Mellon University Solving the Identity Crisis:  Large-Scale Clustering with Distributions of Distances and Applications in Record Linkage
Zhi-Hua Zhou Nanjing University, Learning with Big Data by Incremental Optimization of Performance Measures
Roberta Siciliano University Federico II The Speed-Interpretability-Accuracy Trade-Off in Decision Tree Learning
Alfred Inselberg Tel Aviv University Visualization and Data Mining for High-Dimensional Data
Pedro Pereira Rodrigues University of Porto, How uncertainty simultaneously drives and hinders knowledge discovery from health data
Andreas Geyer-Schulz Karlsruhe Institute of Technology On a Decision Maker without Preference
Joaquin Vanschoren Eindhoven University of Technology OpenML: Open science in machine learning
Friedhelm Schwenker Universität Ulm Partially Supervised Learning Algorithms in Classification and Clustering